If you haven't heard of Thai massage or met a therapist who does Thai work or wants to learn it, we have a real concern. That's too far from to the loop to be. In this yoga-centric world, the spiritual intention and dynamic movements of Thai bodywork have a bigger audience than ever. Commonly referred to as "assisted yoga," Thai massage puts a fully-clothed client through a series of stretches mimicking yoga poses, while his palms, feet, elbows, and knees to press, knead, lift, stretch, and twist the body. Though very different from Western massage, Thai work relieves tension and increases flexibility as effectively as any massage should. Joints will crack here and there and winces and giggles will happen, especially when a 100-pound Thai therapist tosses around a bigger client like pizza dough. The practice rarely isn’t loved. Clients will often alternate, having table work one week and Thai work another. Then there are instant converts; A recent newbie said he wasn’t sure he would ever want to have a “regular” massage again. Thai massage, nearly 3,000 years old, and supposed founded by the Buddha's personal physician, is a rich part of the mostly Buddhist country's history. [...]

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