Budget-Friendly Massage

Right now, you’re either intrigued or incredulous. Given the small, but often wished for chance of “budget” and “massage” becoming a synergetic pair, your doubt and hope have you torn. And carrying you further and further down this page.

It goes without saying that massage has been assigned a luxury label. Unlike designer suits or handbags, with massage there is no knock-off version worth it. But does it always have to break the personal bank? No. They are more therapists and massage outfits then ever, all worth exploring.

No matter our income, money is always going to be a source of stress. We’re always trying to find more of it no matter what we already have. So, it’s almost a moot point. Having a body and mind that works well will never be a moot. That said, darlings:

Book regularly
Whether it is once a month or once a week, keep the massage on the calendar. How does this make it more affordable? It may be a little shrewd on a therapist’s part, but wise on yours to make it part of the budget. If you know you have an appointment in the near future that is going to require a certain chunk of money, you’ll be less likely to spend money on less valuable things like, say, extra alcohol, one more black dress, a pack of cigarettes, or tabloid magazines.

Look Independently
Spas are the first thought and easiest place to find available massage appointments, especially if trying to book with little notice. However, spa prices will reflect the spa amenities, as they should. You’re not simply paying for the service, but the whole experience. If you are willing to give up the robes, sauna, steam, lounge, and locker room aspects, you can find an independently operating therapist who may be a little less expensive and give you a skilled massage.

A Little Less is Still More
Thirty minutes never passes by faster than with a massage. It goes so quickly, many people don’t even think it is worth it. But guess what? It’s better than “better than nothing.”

It’s thirty minutes for your central nervous system to chill out. That’s thirty minutes of concentrated energy and treatment on the neck you haven’t been able to turn for the last three days. Or the hip you haven’t been able to put weight on for three months.

The same goes for getting massaged once a month. Don’t throw the idea away thinking if you don’t get worked on once a week it’s worthless. Your body will be happy whenever you treat it to goodness.

Chair Massage
Worth it too! Duration is  one-minute increments, that are often billed at approximately $1 per hour. You’re basically determining your own price of the massage.

Rollers/Self massage
It’s a little less indulgent considering you have to do the work yourself, but it still makes your muscles happy. Worth it!

Buy a Package
Some massage therapy outfits and practitioners will offer a small percentage of packages purchased in advance. Ask.

Membership Clubs

Boy, have these grown. Some people scoff at the perceived quality of the services, but for the hard working therapists of merit who are there, that’s not fair. It is also to these company’s credit that they have made the idea of massage more visible to the public with lower price points and ubiquitous franchise marketing. Hand & Stone, Elements, Massage Envy, Massage Heights…you see in plazas nationwide now. The premise is clients pay an annual fee and receive one “free” massage a month with each additional monthly massage available at a steeply discounted price from the non-member rate. Rates vary with each company and company membership plans.

Put the Money Where It Matters

Most of us, no matter income, think about how to structure our spending. If massage is something you want in your life, reconsider some of your spending habits. There is usually some room for adjustment. However, if you’re in a financial position where there is no room for change, there is still one good option. Gifts. There is no harm in asking for what you need. When holidays come around and there is an odd sweater or vase coming your way, it would probably give the gifter a great sense of pride to give you a gift certificate for something they know you need and would love. That’s what gifts are supposed to do – make you feel good and happy.

Get massaged.


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