Headstand for Followers?

The idea of starting this blog was exciting. Massage, to me, is one of the greatest things on earth, something that can be integral to every person's well being or the greatest enhancement.   I love everything about it except it's minor role in our culture. Writing about it, as opposed to working on a limited number of people each week, seemed like a good way to change that, to magnify all that is healthy, helpful and entertaining about this work. It seemed like a good way to get it into more people's lives. It took eight years of daydreaming (I was busy building a practice and personally committing to destructive people) before I finally called a very patient design team who gave the site its cyber shape and space. That was four years ago. Since then, despite tiny surges of productivity, little more has happened other than what you see. No cards, no mass emails or social media blasts about its existence. When it was time to actually start blogging, all I felt was the urge to do everything but that. My parents, completely self made, remind me the value is in the process, not perfection. My 89-year-old, [...]

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