Yo, Athletes…

Dear athletes, This talk is long over due. No matter what kind of athlete you are  - a bodybuilder, Crossfitter, cyclist, triathlete, runner, swimmer, mountain biker, MMA fighter, yogi (yes, even you) - we need to look at your recovery routine.  It’s 2015. Therapeutic massage is not only accessible, but is no longer attached to legitimate taboo. If you’re not using it as part of your training, big sad face on your part. Big. The drive and commitment to multiple miles, weights, monster truck tires flips, laps, trails, scorpion poses, and knock outs is admirable. You’re building strength and flexibility, alleviating stress, eliminating angst and making a better you all around, right? Sure. That’s fabulous. What’s not so spectacular is the inevitable rebound effect. At some point, everyone gets injured. At some point, the noble endeavor creates tension. Those proverbial walls collide with our muscles and minds. Before getting proper and quoting research touting the benefits of massage and bodywork, let’s be real. As in really logical. However much energy you expend, your body needs restored. It’s basic to our physiology. Consider breathing, which some of us may recognize as one of life’s vital functions: exhale, inhale. Give out, [...]

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The Tipping Point: Inversion Tables

We come into this world head first or booty up and then spend a lot of our lives going in circles. So why the trepidation towards these spine-stretching see-saws often has to do with the direction of our heads  is curious. Inversion tables can raise more questions than spine surgery. Even though we are anatomically suited to invert, only a strict minority of the human population makes a head stand or inversion table an ordinary part of a day. What’s unfamiliar can feel like a threat and no one wants to get hurt. Especially, if they’ve spent money on the situation. But what situation – or human psyche – is without paradox? The contradiction between some skeptic’s concerns and personal behavior is just grand. Cyclists who go 40 mph down hills on precious bikes with slim tires worry about controlling the apparatus. Ultra-runners, who pound their joints for 50-plus miles are concerned about excessive traction on their legs. People who see nothing unordinary about stumbling home and waking up in the wrong house the next morning, think it may be too disorienting. Yet, all these people are in pain and, usually, the cause of that pain was much more intense than responsibly [...]

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