Abhyanga An Ayurvedic massage in which swoop strokes and medicinal oils are used to stimulate the lymphatic system and regulate the body's energy through energy points called marma points, and chambers, called chakras. Active Release Therapy Commonly known as A.R.T., this patented soft-tissue treatment uses movement-based, trigger-point-like techniques to treat soft tissues conditions. Popular among chiropractors. Client is fully clothed. No oils or lotions used. Acupressure A Chinese systemic technique that, using thumb pressure, treats the body through the same points as acupuncture. Client is clothed. Oil and lotions are rarely used. Similar to shiatsu. Aromatherapy Essential oils, tailored to the client's liking or needs, are included in the massage, typically Swedish and deep-tissue. Cranial Sacral Developed by osteopath, John E Upledger, around the 1980's, "cranio" is the evaluation and manipulation of the cerebrospinal fluid which surrounds and circulates from the skull to the sacrum. Using light pressure on soft tissue around the craniosacral system, it is meant to release deep tensions in the body causing discomfort. Clients are fully clothes. No oils or lotions are used. Cupping An ancient Chinese medicine technique in which glass or silicone suction cups are applied to the skin and moved over affected areas [...]

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