Brie Jacobs

Brie Jacobs jumped into healing bodywork head-first and stayed fully immersed. When she decided to go from yoga student to instructor, she signed up for the course, trained for a month straight, and has been teaching since. When she felt ready to permanently move on from her career as a hair stylist a few years ago, she booked a ticket to Thailand and didn't come home for two months. In fact, she didn't leave her teacher's live-in study program for two months and returned to New Jersey a ready Thai therapist. The finer terms: She goes for it. She gets it. How would you describe your work? In Thai bodywork there is a certain rhythm to the sequence. My sessions tend to be a play on the rhythm connected to breath. It changes from session to session depending on the recipient's flexibility and comfort. I'm also a reiki practitioner so I'm sensitive to the energy of the body. Easing all tension - muscular or mental - is my main focus. What is your favorite muscle to work on? It would probably be the trapezius. So much energy and tension tends to get stored there and softening that muscle can really relax the [...]

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Crystal Froberg

This New Jersey native has been practicing massage therapy for over 10 years in and around Long Beach Island, NJ. In addition to massage, Crystal is a locally loved yoga instructor and vegan and gluten-free baker (Passionflour). Find photos of all her treats and talents on Instagram @crystaldawnlove. Her name says it all... What song is always on your playlist? "Peace Out" by MC Yogi. The tone of the woman's voice here harmonizes the body and invites a sense of deep calm. What is your favorite muscle? Gastrocnemius, also known as the calf muscle. I just love massaging this part of the body... And I love getting this part massaged! What is your favorite skeletal bone? The bones of the skull, specifically the frontal, parietal, occipital, and temporal bones. I love to massage where all these bones connect. It seems to just simply take the weight/heaviness out of the head/mind. To help create a lightness in someone’s mind or encourage them to do such a thing, is a gift. And I also love getting this sweet spot massaged, I feel a great sense of freedom with a simple, intelligent head massage. What line to your clients do you hear [...]

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