Brie Jacobs

Brie Jacobs jumped into healing bodywork head-first and stayed fully immersed. When she decided to go from yoga student to instructor, she signed up for the course, trained for a month straight, and has been teaching since. When she felt ready to permanently move on from her career as a hair stylist a few years ago, she booked a ticket to Thailand and didn’t come home for two months. In fact, she didn’t leave her teacher’s live-in study program for two months and returned to New Jersey a ready Thai therapist. The finer terms: She goes for it. She gets it.

How would you describe your work?
In Thai bodywork there is a certain rhythm to the sequence. My sessions tend to be a play on the rhythm connected to breath. It changes from session to session depending on the recipient’s flexibility and comfort. I’m also a reiki practitioner so I’m sensitive to the energy of the body. Easing all tension – muscular or mental – is my main focus.

What is your favorite muscle to work on?
It would probably be the trapezius. So much energy and tension tends to get stored there and softening that muscle can really relax the whole body. The mind too.

Favorite skeletal bone?
The pelvis … So much going on!

Who or what most influences your work? Why?
I teach Jivamukti yoga. My teachers David and Sharon are a big inspiration to me and that tends to spill into everything I do in my life. My Thai massage teacher, Homprang in Thailand, is quite amazing as well. So inspired by her sense of touch and intuition. Her skill is not completely technical or by the book. She has knowledge of the physical body but it’s all by touch. She has a sixth sense. I hope to be as good as her one day. Travel is always a big influence. It’s inspiring to see the culture of hidden places and meeting people doing amazing things. This world has so much to offer. I love it all!

What song is always on your playlist?
In a session I play soothing meditation music. Words usually lead to thinking. But in life right now I’m loving anything by The National .

What can you hear yourself saying in your sleep at the end of a day’s work?
Let go and hari om.

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Brie Jacobs
Ocean/Monmouth County, NJ


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