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Budget-Friendly Massage

Right now, you’re either intrigued or incredulous. Given the small, but often wished for chance of “budget” and “massage” becoming a synergetic pair, your doubt and hope have you torn. And carrying you further and further down this page. It goes without saying that massage has been assigned a luxury label. Unlike designer suits or handbags, with massage there is no knock-off version worth it. But does it always have to break the personal bank? No. They are more therapists and massage outfits then ever, all worth exploring. No matter our income, money is always going to be a source of stress. We’re always trying to find more of it no matter what we already have. So, it’s almost a moot point. Having a body and mind that works well will never be a moot. That said, darlings: Book regularly Whether it is once a month or once a week, keep the massage on the calendar. How does this make it more affordable? It may be a little shrewd on a therapist's part, but wise on yours to make it part of the budget. If you know you have an appointment in the near future that is going to [...]

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Abhyanga An Ayurvedic massage in which swoop strokes and medicinal oils are used to stimulate the lymphatic system and regulate the body's energy through energy points called marma points, and chambers, called chakras. Active Release Therapy Commonly known as A.R.T., this patented soft-tissue treatment uses movement-based, trigger-point-like techniques to treat soft tissues conditions. Popular among chiropractors. Client is fully clothed. No oils or lotions used. Acupressure A Chinese systemic technique that, using thumb pressure, treats the body through the same points as acupuncture. Client is clothed. Oil and lotions are rarely used. Similar to shiatsu. Aromatherapy Essential oils, tailored to the client's liking or needs, are included in the massage, typically Swedish and deep-tissue. Cranial Sacral Developed by osteopath, John E Upledger, around the 1980's, "cranio" is the evaluation and manipulation of the cerebrospinal fluid which surrounds and circulates from the skull to the sacrum. Using light pressure on soft tissue around the craniosacral system, it is meant to release deep tensions in the body causing discomfort. Clients are fully clothes. No oils or lotions are used. Cupping An ancient Chinese medicine technique in which glass or silicone suction cups are applied to the skin and moved over affected areas [...]

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sherpa - informally refers to people and guides who carry a lot of gear, typically to help people on a quest. Formally, refers to the nomadic Sherpa of Nepal & Tibet, who speak dialect, dress differently the the rest of the culture around them, and guide people up and down Mount Everest despite the risks and reward. massage therapists - by default, drivers of station wagons and small boxy vehicles filled with massage tables, chairs, stacks of sheets, blankets, towels, liniments, and a grocery aisle worth of snacks and food. They are often seen dressed as if they just walked out of a Southeast Asian New Age shop, sometimes turn the native language into dialect, and spend most of their working hours, trying to help people feel better. The common line: a little on the fringe, on the move, exploratory, willing to work...And a lot of gear.  

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Yo, Athletes…

Dear athletes, This talk is long over due. No matter what kind of athlete you are  - a bodybuilder, Crossfitter, cyclist, triathlete, runner, swimmer, mountain biker, MMA fighter, yogi (yes, even you) - we need to look at your recovery routine.  It’s 2015. Therapeutic massage is not only accessible, but is no longer attached to legitimate taboo. If you’re not using it as part of your training, big sad face on your part. Big. The drive and commitment to multiple miles, weights, monster truck tires flips, laps, trails, scorpion poses, and knock outs is admirable. You’re building strength and flexibility, alleviating stress, eliminating angst and making a better you all around, right? Sure. That’s fabulous. What’s not so spectacular is the inevitable rebound effect. At some point, everyone gets injured. At some point, the noble endeavor creates tension. Those proverbial walls collide with our muscles and minds. Before getting proper and quoting research touting the benefits of massage and bodywork, let’s be real. As in really logical. However much energy you expend, your body needs restored. It’s basic to our physiology. Consider breathing, which some of us may recognize as one of life’s vital functions: exhale, inhale. Give out, [...]

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The Tipping Point: Inversion Tables

We come into this world head first or booty up and then spend a lot of our lives going in circles. So why the trepidation towards these spine-stretching see-saws often has to do with the direction of our heads  is curious. Inversion tables can raise more questions than spine surgery. Even though we are anatomically suited to invert, only a strict minority of the human population makes a head stand or inversion table an ordinary part of a day. What’s unfamiliar can feel like a threat and no one wants to get hurt. Especially, if they’ve spent money on the situation. But what situation – or human psyche – is without paradox? The contradiction between some skeptic’s concerns and personal behavior is just grand. Cyclists who go 40 mph down hills on precious bikes with slim tires worry about controlling the apparatus. Ultra-runners, who pound their joints for 50-plus miles are concerned about excessive traction on their legs. People who see nothing unordinary about stumbling home and waking up in the wrong house the next morning, think it may be too disorienting. Yet, all these people are in pain and, usually, the cause of that pain was much more intense than responsibly [...]

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Lake Placid

After 17 miles up and down the Adirondack’s Mt. Marcy, two nights of camping, mild dehydration, and trying to keep up with my human mountain goat of a hiking buddy, the last two miles out of the woods were all about getting to the Lake Placid Lodge, where two massages were waiting. This post could be brief: Tim Chien from Balanced Bodywork and Massage. (The lodge contracts out massages.) Hallelujah. But if you want details, onward. My quads and calves were sore enough to make getting on and off the toilet more challenging than the hardest part of the hike. (You’ve all been there. Admit it.)  My pack, thanks to a stupendous proclivity for using one piece of ill-fitting gear no matter what I do, made it feel like someone planted two ice axes between my shoulder blades. […]

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Crystal Froberg

This New Jersey native has been practicing massage therapy for over 10 years in and around Long Beach Island, NJ. In addition to massage, Crystal is a locally loved yoga instructor and vegan and gluten-free baker (Passionflour). Find photos of all her treats and talents on Instagram @crystaldawnlove. Her name says it all... What song is always on your playlist? "Peace Out" by MC Yogi. The tone of the woman's voice here harmonizes the body and invites a sense of deep calm. What is your favorite muscle? Gastrocnemius, also known as the calf muscle. I just love massaging this part of the body... And I love getting this part massaged! What is your favorite skeletal bone? The bones of the skull, specifically the frontal, parietal, occipital, and temporal bones. I love to massage where all these bones connect. It seems to just simply take the weight/heaviness out of the head/mind. To help create a lightness in someone’s mind or encourage them to do such a thing, is a gift. And I also love getting this sweet spot massaged, I feel a great sense of freedom with a simple, intelligent head massage. What line to your clients do you hear [...]

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If you haven't heard of Thai massage or met a therapist who does Thai work or wants to learn it, we have a real concern. That's too far from to the loop to be. In this yoga-centric world, the spiritual intention and dynamic movements of Thai bodywork have a bigger audience than ever. Commonly referred to as "assisted yoga," Thai massage puts a fully-clothed client through a series of stretches mimicking yoga poses, while his palms, feet, elbows, and knees to press, knead, lift, stretch, and twist the body. Though very different from Western massage, Thai work relieves tension and increases flexibility as effectively as any massage should. Joints will crack here and there and winces and giggles will happen, especially when a 100-pound Thai therapist tosses around a bigger client like pizza dough. The practice rarely isn’t loved. Clients will often alternate, having table work one week and Thai work another. Then there are instant converts; A recent newbie said he wasn’t sure he would ever want to have a “regular” massage again. Thai massage, nearly 3,000 years old, and supposed founded by the Buddha's personal physician, is a rich part of the mostly Buddhist country's history. [...]

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Rincon, Puerto Rico

Waves and rum are priority in Rincon, PR. Highway 413, known on bumperstickers as the “Road to Happiness” is also known as the “Road to Rehab.” However, as this ramshackle paradise grows by the year, so does the number and quality of healthier options and ideas. The massage scene shows it best. Among it’s 30 square miles and approximate 15,000 people, it’s a matter of asking no more than two people (many of whom are stateside transplants) to recommend a massage therapist. Everyone knows someone and the three names you’ll hear the most are Annette, Sinclair, and Cynthia. Many other names, new cards, and flyers pop up for bodyworkers every year. HERE IS THE SHORT LIST Annette Weimer 787 382 6299 Call for Directions Annette Weimer is Rincon’s spiritual mama who’s known to make brawny men cry. Besides getting a good, swoopy-stroked therapeutic massage, visiting with Annette is like finding a long-lost friend/sister/aunt/cousin. You never leave without feeling better or without a hug. Annette brought her experience from the Ritz Carlton Spa in Naples, FL to Rincon over a decade ago. Thankfully, she brought the skill and left the pretension behind. Her massage is experienced and swift. In [...]

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New York, NY

Time and money are the two biggest obstacles in life. There may be no way to fix that or to suddenly make your income accommodate twice weekly massage but there is Graceful Services. With two Manhattan locations and average prices ($100 for a 60-minute deep tissue) you’ll be gifted with day-of appointments and a reputable place. After a long day of class, walking, and a backpack loaded beyond reasonable capacity one recent Saturday, graceful I was not. At 5 p.m. the receptionist at the Second Avenue location booked me for a one-hour massage at 9 p.m. (the night’s last appointment). While I didn’t envy the therapist working those hours, my backache and growing migraine bowed to her.  […]

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