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Headstand for Followers?

The idea of starting this blog was exciting. Massage, to me, is one of the greatest things on earth, something that can be integral to every person's well being or the greatest enhancement.   I love everything about it except it's minor role in our culture. Writing about it, as opposed to working on a limited number of people each week, seemed like a good way to change that, to magnify all that is healthy, helpful and entertaining about this work. It seemed like a good way to get it into more people's lives. It took eight years of daydreaming (I was busy building a practice and personally committing to destructive people) before I finally called a very patient design team who gave the site its cyber shape and space. That was four years ago. Since then, despite tiny surges of productivity, little more has happened other than what you see. No cards, no mass emails or social media blasts about its existence. When it was time to actually start blogging, all I felt was the urge to do everything but that. My parents, completely self made, remind me the value is in the process, not perfection. My 89-year-old, [...]

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Abdominal and Womb Massage in Belize

The Place: Nuuk Cheil Cottages, Cockscomb Basin, Belize The Space: A freshly laundered, pink-sheeted, sparse bed in one of the property's concrete guest houses. A few water marks on the ceiling and walls. The Face: Aurora Garcia-Saqui, Mayan Herbalist and Healer The Session: Forty-five minutes of having my insides artfully rearranged from the outside and leaving with my uterus tied up ... Just read on. Mayan abdominal and womb massage can sound intimidating and potentially gynecological. This is why more people need to know about it. Because it is everything but that. So, let's do quick tutorial before the story. Most of what we know about this work is thanks to Dr. Rosita Arvigo, an American naturopath, who studied under one of the last true Mayan healers, Don Elijio Panti. Dr. Arvigo took his lessons and made it all into a comprehensive program known as the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy. It is an external organ massage, meaning there is a lot being done to the inside from the outside. Just like regular massage, with an additional target tissue. Like the ancient Chinese, the ancient Maya believed the abdomen and, for women, the womb are the centers of one's [...]

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Salt Lake City Airport

Salt Lake City Airport, UT The Place: XpresSpa, Salt Lake City Airport, Terminal D, http://www.xpresspa.com/locations-a/365.htm The Face: Aline Santos The Space: Open to the concourse, where an errant “Nathan,” was being screamed at to “get over here right now before I have to come get you!” More favorably, not far from Jamba Juice. Last-minute fix at SLC airport. Best chair massage ever. Terminal D (conveniently near Jamba Juice). Aline Santos is a game changer. #massage #massagetherapy #chairmassage #saltlakecity #travel #utah The Saturation: No oil or lotion anywhere. The Situation: Less than 48 hours in Provo, Utah. Fifty minutes until a two-leg flight and my right shoulder felt like it had made contact with my right ear and boxed around my jaw and eyeball. The Session: Aline Santos should be the face of chair massage, the way Jennifer Aniston is the face of Smartwater, which means good massage therapists should be of celebrity status. Aline could, double-handedly, make for planes full of less disgruntled passengers. She produced almost every effect of table massage in 30 minutes and dispatched a medical-massage-level of postural analysis. My only request would have been a little more pressure. However, there have been a few [...]

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San Juan, PR

San Juan, PR The Ritz-Carlton Spa Ritz Carlton. The double-barreled name that historically woos patrons by shooting them plush darts of grandeur and gleam. At the San Juan Ritz Carlton Spa it's all there - understated elegance, almost obsequious service, and long list of options. But I left feeling like we owed each other something more. Every staff member at the Ritz, from the front door, to the spa, to the restaurants, seems to regard the patrons like royal children. A greeter in the hotel's lobby walked me to the spa, smiled and nodded every time I answered her friendly questions. As we wound  through the property’s dense tropical landscape of palms, flowers, sculptures, pools and chaises, she mentioned that the 12,000 square-foot spa had been renovated three years ago. "You'll love it," she said. "It's beautiful." In terms of quality, it is beautiful. Beige and white marble and tile meet glass at every height and in every corner. While simple is often better than overdone , it felt bland and cold. Just ask the woman who walked into the cathedral-ceilinged reception area from the locker room, wrapped in a towel, wondering where the hot water was. (A word on hot [...]

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Not Good, but Better

Bodies are my business. Sounds sexy, right? Don't say yes and don't get excited. It won't look good on you from here and it definitely won't get you an appointment. After years of hourly appointments based on torn rotator cuffs, Achilles tendonitis, stiff necks that can barely turn, and, most humbling, bodies recovering from the havoc of chemotherapy, it's difficult to remember how and why any and all sexual aberrations about massage therapy have come to be. Neither Hippocrates or Galen, one brilliant ancient Greek and one brilliant ancient Roman (and we should almost always refer to them) wrote about massage as anything other than a healing modality. In fact, Galen wrote in disdain of this social myopia. It was, he said, "all wanton witticisms, not at all befitting a man so learned in so august an art." The topics and issues my hands and brain try to untangle all day are not nearly as interesting to people as they are to me and people in the health field. Many people, and it's not unnatural to wonder, would rather ask how many of my male clients have gotten erections. Pathetic jokes about "happy endings" aren't uncommon either. My own [...]

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Brie Jacobs

Brie Jacobs jumped into healing bodywork head-first and stayed fully immersed. When she decided to go from yoga student to instructor, she signed up for the course, trained for a month straight, and has been teaching since. When she felt ready to permanently move on from her career as a hair stylist a few years ago, she booked a ticket to Thailand and didn't come home for two months. In fact, she didn't leave her teacher's live-in study program for two months and returned to New Jersey a ready Thai therapist. The finer terms: She goes for it. She gets it. How would you describe your work? In Thai bodywork there is a certain rhythm to the sequence. My sessions tend to be a play on the rhythm connected to breath. It changes from session to session depending on the recipient's flexibility and comfort. I'm also a reiki practitioner so I'm sensitive to the energy of the body. Easing all tension - muscular or mental - is my main focus. What is your favorite muscle to work on? It would probably be the trapezius. So much energy and tension tends to get stored there and softening that muscle can really relax the [...]

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Freeze Me, from NYC to NJ

Swag bags at this year’s Grammy and Oscar Awards include gift certificates to get frozen. It makes sense for Los Angeles dwellers, but for the majority of North America in February, the concept is sounds...redundant, at best. But perhaps we can consider it balance for the 110-degree yoga classes we've joined en masse. Using extreme temperatures to pique the immune system obviously is not new. Saunas and polar plunges have historical roots in many cultures. Cryotherapy, an ancient-made-new, anti-aging, pain-reducing, anti-inflammatory, sports-recovery treatment is a tech-savvy take on the cold side of the idea. Think of it as a freezing sauna cooled by -264 degree liquid nitrogen in which you stand mostly naked. Hesitant, are you? Think willingly exposing yourself to unnatural levels of cold sounds like frosty hell?  Doubt that something so uncomfortable could be good for you? Valid points. Also very negotiable points. Even my sister-in-law, who said her first cry experience at Chill Cryotherapy in Westfield, NJ, made it feel as her nipples were "either going to cut through steel or fall off" wants to go back. If you're still looking for an excuse, time can't be one of them. The initial appointment is a quick [...]

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St. Croix

It was February in the Northeast. Frosty, gray, and unfriendly. “St. Croix,” my friend said. “We can swim and sleep a lot.” New Jersey or St. Croix. Crystalline seas or ashy snow. With a smart, handsome man. Oh, the struggle. Usually, being sleepy sounds boring, especially on a beautiful island. St. Croix changed that. Flying over the swirls of blue, green, and turquoise water framing the semi-mountainous island, the place actually looked asleep. There is none of Puerto Rico’s over development, none of St. Thomas’s cruise ship traffic, and none of St. Bart’s yachtification. Everywhere we went through its 22 by seven-mile stretch, people were few. For those we saw, the pace was slow. The soporific, lullaby winds and waves were the only things to touch the silence on the island’s east end and we succumbed to it. Somehow, every day, we would need a nap after breakfast. And maybe one after lunch. Definitely after snorkeling. Teague Bay For many of the island’s residents, this hush is anything but romantic. It started when the Hovensa oil refinery closed in 2012 and it’s 2,000 employees left the island. With them went the cruise ships and people that used to [...]

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Ocean, NJ

If there are people who would turn down a foot massage, I don’t know any of them. It could be because, mmm, most the people I know are my clients, other massage therapists, or people closer to the fiend-end of the massage spectrum than phobe-end. Many of these people have also been to Southeast Asia where foot massage is as common as coffee and rarely a disappointment. Of that group, most of us have been looking to replicate it ever since. So when a friend told me about a place in Ocean, NJ - “We’ve been going to this place for foot massages…It’s called Foot Rub” I told another friend who just wrapped up two months in Thailand. When we both happened to be off from work at 3 p.m. on a Tuesday, the planning went like this: “What should we do?” “Hm…sauna? Food? Foot massage?” “Foot massage?!” “It’s called “Foot Rub.” “Want me to pick you up?” Shameless geekdom. Partly because we’re geeks and partly because we would almost rather get massaged than eat. She showed up in her red pod of a Hyundai, Trevor Hall playing on the radio, malas and Krishna around her neck. “I [...]

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The Turnover

Sometimes there is hardship in massage and it seems to center on the moment a client turn from his belly to his back. No one likes this part. Maybe because they are too relaxed to move or because it signals the beginning of the end. One sweet client of 18 years, always gives herself a quick pep talk. "Here we go," she says. Then, once she makes it through the revolution, "Ugh." Another client, simply says, "No," but then does it any way. One of my most candid accuses me of trying to kill him. No matter the reason, in nearly 20 years of practice, the variations of this maneuver, which doesn’t even require one to open his eyes, have been pretty special.* There are the fast-turners, who in the thrash of momentum, get unintentionally violent. I’ve been slapped in the face, kneed in the gut, elbowed and hip checked. A table or two has almost flipped with them. There are the finicky ones, who once on their backs, shift, fidget, scratch, squirm, and arrange the sheets as if they are in their own bed. Then there are the petite turners, who move so quietly and easily, they don't [...]

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